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Solutions & concepts


Our vision is to become the leading provider of secure collaboration solutions.


We streamline collaboration solutions through the systems’ life cycle. We offer a suite of integrated software products that automate collaboration solutions.

Customer promise

We help customers to unleash the full potential of secure collaboration solutions and make the systems better protected, easier to use and more cost effective. We offer a safe, innovative and long-term partnership model.

Products and services

We offer business consulting and market leading software products with related technical services.


Honesty, integrity and openness characterize all our decisions. We put the customer first and emphasize innovation, a passionate work style and close teamwork. Trust is something we have to earn every single day and is the inspiration for continuously improving our expertise and practices.

how to reach us

stepping up security to reach your collaboration objectives.

We help you realize your collaboration security objectives. Are you among the 94% of enterprises that is unable to characterize SharePoint as a «Great Success»?

The latest survey from AIIM «Industry Watch: SharePoint 2013» shows that the biggest collaboration challenges are low user adoption and security risks. What's the situation in your organization?

We help you automate manual solutions for information security and compliance across collaboration platforms (i.e. automatically ensure that content is not emailed, stored or shared to the wrong people or sites).

Let's talk about what market leading products and collaboration services can do for your business.



Improved information security with TITUS for Delland NOKIA for 100,000+ employees.

TITUS is currently being used by more than 2 million employees and growing. Take contact to learn why with jorn.ellefsen@stairpoint.com.

We offer value-added security for your collaboration solutions with products from TITUS on enhanced information security and classification, grafical workflow and forms from Nintex and a wide range of governance and optimization solutions from AvePoint.

Contact jorn.ellefsen@stairpoint.com to learn more.

Address: Åsryggen 7, 1166 Oslo, Norway

Phone:  +47 9056 1572

Email:     jorn.ellefsen@stairpoint.com

what we offer


Our software partners

  • Analysis and consulting
  • Market-leading products
  • Implementation services
  • Training
  • Application Management